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ElementStory #08.1 - The Hound of Baskervilles

Sher[UN]Locked - "1893, Sherlock Holmes is definitely dead, drowned in the Reichenbach Falls. Happy to have buried his cumbersome and demanding creature, Conan Doyle could now concentrate on writing so-called "serious" literature. He is one of England's most popular writers, in the throes of creative activity. Conan Doyle remains insensitive to the idea of ​​resurrecting his imaginary sleuth despite readers' insistence and sometimes even threats. However, after 10 years of silence, Conan Doyle will eventually give in. But what events will push the author to bring Sherlock Holmes back from the past?"

In French, okay, but not all Sherlockians speak just one language (English), so ...Voilà!

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