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Enola Holmes - The Musical

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Enola Holmes - The Musical... well this didn't take long to show up.


Enola shows Mycroft and Sherlock who’s boss!


Song by:

Directed by Vijay Nazareth


Another missing person? Well now that’s a sight to see.

But I’ve a hunch to follow, and dear Mycroft, hold my tea. (mimes sipping tea)

Let’s start the inquisition and while the trail is hot

I’ll find a clue then right on cue my “x” will mark the spot

This brute thinks he can get away and leave without a trace

But there’s a storm a’comin’ cause Enola’s on the case.

I’m sharp, and quick, and feisty and you’re sure to be impressed

Just like my older brothers, but I’m vastly better dressed

Make haste, my darling siblings! Look sharp! The game's afoot.

Oh Sherlock did you notice all those footprints in the soot?

And with deductive reasoning the pieces fall in place

No villain holds a candle with Enola on the case

Slow down, Enola

And don’t you forget a dignified lady mustent sweat.

Be wise, Enola,

And don't rock the boat

for one little clue is no reason to gloat.

Oh come now little Sher-ly, there's no need to wear a frown

With all the crime in London there’s enough to go around

I know that I can do this. I’ll rewrite history.

I’ll carve a space for women, put the Miss in mystery.

It’s like a game of poker only I hold every ace

There’s few alive can beat me when Enola’s on the case.

I know that it’s a challenge for your brain to understand

I’m not a proper debutante in spite of what you’ve planned.

I clearly don't have patience for simple minded men

I’ll overthrow the status quo and do it all again.

No time to dilly-dally, boys, when we’ve been given chase

You’ll always get solutions when Enola’s on the case

Can’t you see it, Sherlock?

If we could work together there’d be nothing in our way

No cipher is unsolvable with two Holmes in the fray


You’d slow him down, Enola. You’d only be a pest.

A lady in the life of crime? It’s too much to digest.

Shape up, my dearest sister, and you’ll not be a disgrace


Disgraceful but triumphant is Enola on the case.


Drop it, Enola, I tire of this spat.

I thought you were a lady not a brat.

Listen, Enola, I’ll show you the light

I won’t have my sister be a piteous plight.


It’s not the time, big brother, there’s a criminal at large

I must have missed the memo where it’s you we put in charge

Ah yes, that’s right-- we didn’t! Go cry into your books

Leave us be and then you’ll see a hero catch the crooks

It’s clear that I have a talent here that you cannot erase

No time to fuss with manners when Enola’s on the case


You’re walking down the lane and hit a fork in the road.

Enola: I’m walking down the lane and hit a fork in the road.

Sherlock: One path leads to misery and the other path leads to joy.

Enola: Which is which?

Sherlock: Well that’s the pitch. In the middle of the fork you see two brothers.

Enola: In the middle of the fork I see two brothers.

Sherlock: They know which path to take.

Enola: They know which path to take.

Sherlock: One brother always tells the truth and the other always lies.

Enola: One brother always tells the truth and the other always lies.

Sherlock: You can only ask them one question. How would you determine which road to take?

Enola: which road will I take?

I’d ask each brother, "If you were your brother, which road would you say leads to joy?"

One will say "My brother would say the left path leads to joy."

The other will say "My brother would say the left path leads to joy"

In either case, whether they are the truth-telling brother or the lying brother, you would pick the opposite of what they both say, because one is telling the truth about it being a lie, and one is lying about it being the truth. THEREFORE, the path to the right leads to joy.


I’m glad you finally see it. We'll be better as a team.


For I expect in London we’ll be held in high esteem.

We’ll solve astounding riddles.


Find evidence galore!

Both: Connect the dots of evil plots then go back out for more.

Mycroft: It’s not too late, Enola, slow and steady wins the race.

Sherlock: Pipe down, Mycroft, and listen cause Enola’s on the case.


It seems my good opinion is a massive waste of space.

No use in complaining ‘cause Enola’s on the case.


I have the greatest brothers


and Enola’s on the case!

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