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Hear William Gillette Talk Sherlock Holmes railroad engineer!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

1930 Is the actual date of this 1 minute 44 second Fox Movietone news clip which shows William Gillette, and the steam engine he drove on the grounds of his home at what is now Gillette Castle in Hadlyme, Connecticut. The headline states, "William Gillette, the veteran actor, retires from stage at 72 to pursue his hobby on Connecticut estate." The original longer (5 minute 42 second) version, the Movietone news piece was clipped from, exists at The University of South Carolina University Libraries.  It shows the entire route of William Gillette's Seventh Sister Railroad, his personal three mile long track that explored his property, crossed bridges, trestles and even passed through a tunnel. It is phenomenal piece of film which contains the longest speaking segment on film of William Gillette we've ever come across.

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