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How did Sherlock Holmes end up in Russia?

In his native London, the detective was looking for a maniac who had already killed several women and each time left a message to Holmes at the crime scene. After an unsuccessful fight with an assassin, in which Watson is wounded, Holmes realizes that his opponent has fled ... to the Russian Empire.

Having rented a room on Pekarskaya Street from Dr. Kartsev, Holmes, who speaks excellent Russian, unravels terrible crimes together with him, despite the opposition of the local police in the person of the chief Trudny. Another assistant to the detective is Sophia from St. Petersburg, with whom the relationship grows for the Englishman into something more than a joint investigation.

Director: Nurbek Egen

Operator: Nikolay Bogachev

Set Designer: Anna Kozlova

Scriptwriter: Oleg Malovichko

Cast: Maxim Matveev, Vladimir Mishukov, Irina Starshenbaum, Pavel Maikov, Konstantin Bogomolov, Konstantin Yushkevich and others

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