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Ryan Reynolds To Play Sherlock Holmes?

The latest update states that Ryan Reynolds will play the detective from Baker Street.

We never imagined that he would play Sherlock Holmes. But it looks like if things go right, that might happen soon.

Ryan Reynolds is eyed to play the iconic character for a Netflix project. As reported by Patreon, a Netflix insider Daniel Richtman revealed that the streaming giant wants the Deadpool actor to play Sherlock Holmes. He also shared some scoop regarding the same.

Richtman said, “Some projects that are listed to be interested in Ryan Reynolds for lead; Another Sherlock film project in development for Netflix. No farther details yet.”

Well, it looks like Ryan won’t be replacing Henry Cavill or Robert Downey Jr or anyone who’s already playing Sherlock. This is going to be a new project with Canadian actor solving cases.

Do you want to see the Deadpool actor portraying Sherlock Holmes? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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