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‘Sherlock Junior’ Movie In Development at Netflix

Netflix is diving further into the Sherlock “universe” as we’ve learned that Sherlock Junior, a brand Netflix Original movie is in development at the streaming service.

No director or cast members have been attached thus far to the project.

We do, however, have learned of the two writers attached to the project. First up is Ehren Kruger who also serves as a producer too. The prolific writer has been involved with a number of high profile hits including Disney’s recent Dumbo remake, The Ring, Transformers: Age of Extinction and the soon-to-be-released Top Gun reboot.

Ehren Kruger
Ehren Kruger

Also currently attached to the movie is Matt Kuzma who previously worked as a writer at Sony Picture Entertainment before moving to Netflix in September 2019 and as his LinkedIn profile states he has an “Original film in development”.

We also know what the movie will be about. Here’s the synopsis of the movie:

“Sherlock Junior follows a modern day young John Watson as he Iinks up with British expatriate and new Rd neighbor, Sherlock Holmes, to solve the mystery behind a strange disappearance and a witch’s curse on their town. Building a team of fellow child deaths, they must work together to evade a number of dangerous thieves if they have any chance at finding the treasure she left behind.”

It’s worth mentioning we’re not the first outlet to cover the fact Sherlock Junior is in development. WeGotThisCovered listed the movie in development back in January 2020.

With this move, Netflix looks to be gunning to become the home of Sherlock Holmes’s content. They just released the Millie Bobbie Brown movie Enola Holmes (which had the biggest opening debut of any title so far this year) and The Irregulars arrives on Netflix next year. There are also lots of other rumored projects we’re hearing about too including sequels and spinoffs.

That’s not forgetting Netflix globally carries the license to the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Sherlock, in general, is a hot franchise right now with it particularly looking like Netflix and Warner Brothers are going toe-to-toe on the franchise given they’re working on the third Robert Downey Jr. entry.

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