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The Four Oaks Mystery - Jeremy Brett

In 1992 Brett and Hardwicke appeared in a mini-episode (about ten minutes in length) as part one of The Four Oaks Mystery, shown as part of the ITV network's Telethon 92 charity telethon. Holmes and Watson discover a gruesome double murder. But he has a deadly appointment with his arch-enemy Moriarty and never gets the chance to solve The Four Oaks Mystery. The trail lies dormant for a hundred years until it is rediscovered by other detectives. This episode formed one of a four-part sequence of stories featuring the stars of four ITV detective shows of the time all separately working to solve the same mystery. The other shows that produced mini-episodes for the special were "Taggart", "Van der Valk" and "Inspector Wexford". Brett appeared out of character in the present day to present host Michael Aspel with a substantial check.

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