The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes - The Great Jail-Breaker - Full Film

On the streets of Victorian era London, nothing gets by Sherlock Holmes the dog and his trusted companion Dr Watson the cat. Nothing, that is, except for the notorious burglar White Storm, who may well be a Robin Hood type who only steals from the rich to give to the poor, but the law is the law. However, things aren’t what they seem. As well as trying to catch White Storm, Holmes and Watson must also protect him from Scarface, a vengeful bear. The gentleman thief, Mack, was a difficult case for the Yard, but Sherlock Holmes managed to seize him at his daughter Katie's birthday party. Four years later, Mack fights with the notorious Scarface in prison, and then climbs over the wall to escape. Sherlock understands that he has his own reason and decides to let him surrender afterwards. But Scarface suddenly appears and kidnaps Katie. Sherlock and Watson team up with detective Gordon Gorilla Riller (Louis Siu Cheung Yuen) and Carlson Fox for the rescue.

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