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The Sherlock Holmes Suite

The Sherlock Holmes Suite was composed in 2010. The inspiration for the four movements was a reference to quotations from the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, The first movement is dominated by 5/4 time and the melancholic minor key atmosphere conjures of the mood of a foggy, rainy day. The second movement portrays Dr. Watson - newly in love - happily dancing to a Ragtime (only in his imagination of course!). The third movement is meants as a Reverie. It is well-known that Sherlock Holmes was a master of the violin and oftem played for his friend Watson. With this melancholic Reverie he unintentionally lulls Watson to sleep. The last movement is a Fugue, symbolic of the hunts for the criminal, which often concluded in a most dramatic fashion with Watson's old army revolver regularly being put to good use. The letters S, H, E and C as part of the name "Sherlock" can be discovered transposed in the notes. Andrews Willsher - Hamburg, January, 2013.

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