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William Gillette "Sherlock Holmes" 1916 movie's Guide by Thierry Saint-Joanis (SSHF Sherlock Holmes  Society of France's president, SSHF) with Bernard Oudin (SSHF), Alexis Barquin (SSHF) & Stephen Almaseanu (SSHF). SSHF Editions, January 2015.

- French/English

- 68 pages.

- Format A4.

- Cover in color, inside in black & white.

- 120 photos.




  • Présentation (p. 3)

  • Fiche technique (p. 9)

  • Distribution (p. 11)

  • Synopsis (p. 13)

  • Revue de presse de 1916 (p. 14)

  • Photos du tournage (p. 30)

  • William Gillette (p. 39)

  • W. Gillette in Strand Mag. (p. 45)

  • Ernest Maupain (p. 54)

  • William Gillette & France (p. 62)



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 More about the book here. 

Le Guide du film Sherlock Holmes (1916)

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VAT Included
  • What they think about our book...


    Russell Merritt

    (BSI, professor at the University of California-Berkeley collaborated on the restoration of Gillette’s film)

    "The Guide is simply magnificent. The research on the players and the film's exhibition in particular has opened many doors, and I especially admired the caution with the wide variety of tempting but unsupported claims. The book was a joy to read, and just as important full of new information and altogether reliable."


    Jay Weissberg

    BFI Film Forever

    "Those wanting to know more should track down a copy of Thierry Saint-Joanis’ extraordinary labour-of-love, Le Guide du film Sherlock Holmes (1916), printed in January by the Société Sherlock Holmes en France." 


    Peter Blau (BSI)
    "Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press"

    (The Red Circle of Washington)
    « To celebrate the film’s discovery, restoration and release, the Société Sherlock Holmes de France have published Le Guide du Film Sherlock Holmes (1916), a profusely-illustrated 68-page discussion of the film and its actors, with articles by Thierry Saint-Joanis and Bernard Oudin; it is almost all in English... Splendid research. A spectacular job of researching the film. Recommended. »

    Don Libey (Buttons)
    The John H. Watson Society
    «The Society has received a copy of the astounding new publication detailing the research accomplished by our esteemed Member and Leader of Societe Sherlock Holmes de France, Thierry Saint-Joanis “Tristan” with the collaboration of Society Member Alexis Barquin “Olivier,” Bernard Oudin, and Stephen Almaseanu, and with thanks to la Cinemateque Francaise. The large-format, 66 page publication provides in-depth articles, reviews, original documents, profiles and a plethora of photos of the various actors, clips, sets, and a wealth of additional information on the recently discovered 1916 film originally made by Essanay and starring the incomparable William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes and Edward Fielding as Dr Watson. One must believe that reading the book may just be more enjoyable than watching the movie; it truly is that good. As this film was only recently discovered, the publication is absolutely masterful for its scope and coverage, as well as detailed documentation of the film, in so short a period of time. Our French colleagues have demonstrated their remarkable scholarship as well as publishing skills with this magnificent book. The Society extends its admiration and congratulations to Societe Sherlock Holmes de France, and to Thierry Saint-Joanis, Alexis Barquin, and their associates for producing this seminal work on this milestone film in the Sherlockian milieu. »

    Steven Rothman (BSI),
    Baker Street Journal Editor 
    « Just received your wonderful book. I have not sat down to read it yet, but have admired the layout and the wonderful illustrations. I will see if I can squeeze it into the BSJ Spring issue, but it may have to be in Summer instead. »



    Charles Prepolec

    Sherlock News, The Bootmakers of Toronto

    « Lovely publication. While much of the text is in French, the reproduced adverts and The Strand piece on Gillette as Holmes are in English. Those pieces and the many photo reproductions make this worthwhile to English readers. Nicely produced 68 page large-format booklet. I’m impressed with it. »



    Roger Johnson (SHSL, BSI) 

    SHJ Editor, Sherlock Holmes Society of London

    « The lovely new book about the recently restored film of William Gillette’s play, written by Thierry Saint-Joanis. For the Paris première of the newly restored silent film Sherlock Holmes, the only complete recording of William Gillette in his own play, Thierry Saint-Joanis, President of La Société Sherlock Holmes de France, compiled a beautiful 64-page book, Le guide du film Sherlock Holmes (1916). The text is in French, though nearly all the reviews and articles reproduced are in English. »


    Nicholas Utechin (SHSL, BSI)

    Sherlock Holmes Society of London

    « Well done indeed: it looks a fabulous record of the whole matter... So many wonderful items and pictures. »



    Daniel Brun (Sherlock Holmes Society of France)

    « A beautiful well-documented book, with beautiful pictures, interesting anecdotes, nice layout ... in short, a great job (congratulations to all), and a book to recommend. »



    Jean-Claude Mornard

    (SSHB, Sherlock Holmes Society of France)

    « What a great work! Beautiful book, great pictures, very interesting vintage items, beautiful presentation of the movie, of the original play, interesting evocation of Gillette’s life and career. I was fascinated by the part about Ernest Maupain, French actor who plays Moriarty and I had never heard. And, of course, for the links between Gillette and France (as I did not know, totally, he had the opportunity to see Gémier’s performance in Paris). The object is beautiful, compelling content! »

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