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#001 - July 2021

Sherlock Holmes on Screens News - #001
July 2021

Where it is a question of reading unpublished information on the adaptations of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on the screens (cinema, television, computers, smartphone ...) and on the stage, nicely printed on paper, in a giant format of a bulky newspaper that we will enjoy unfolding, folding, crumpling, and, why not, then use to wrap fresh fish or serve as a sole in an old shoe with holes (but you can also keep it preciously as a gems in your Sherlockian collection).
Thierry Saint-Joanis



  • Mailing: The newspaper is posted from France, to all destinations in the world, folded in an envelope.

  • Size: Why such a big page? Because we love it and want to read articles as in the good old days. Did we think that some obsessive archivists or maniac collectors would growl when stocking them into their boxes? No. We think first of those who want to read information. This newspaper is a traditional medium to share information and the results of our research. It is not an object intended to fill a shelf for the sole purpose of enriching a collection.

  • Subscription: The first issue will serve as a test. If successful, we will launch a regular publication that will allow the creation of a subscription plan. Otherwise, this newspaper will have a random publication, according to the envy of its creators who will produce it as long as this game entertains them.

  • Authors & Reporters Contribution: This publication is that of enthusiasts who want to share their discoveries. This is not a commercial purpose, even if the product is sold. The proceeds of the sale are used only to finance the printing of the newspaper. The authors are volunteers and participate for free. Their texts and illustrations remain their property and no reproduction or quotation can be done without their written consent. The editorial team is not limited and anyone who wants to participate can submit an article, illustration or information. Just contact the editor by email (Thierry Saint-Joanis,

  • Advertising: Advertisements may be included in this newspaper if the product relates to the subject of the publication (Sherlock Holmes on screens and on stage). The visual of the advertisement can be adapted to the design of the publication by mutual agreement between the advertiser and the editor-in-chief. There will be a charge for these announcements and the cost will be set on a case-by-case basis by a quote given after each request submitted by email (

  • Registration on our website: Our website is public and the pages are free for any reader. Registration is also free. It allows you to receive alerts as soon as there is new information on the site, it allows you to comment on the news and participate in the discussion forum. Registration is firstly a tool to facilitate the exchange of information. When there will be bonuses reserved for members, this free registration will be used to access documents and archives.

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