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Netflix Reportedly Discussing Enola Holmes Spinoff For Henry Cavill

Enola Holmes has been a huge hit with Netflix users ever since it arrived last week. Viewers have lapped up the movie which stars Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock Holmes’ teen sister who shares her older brother’s nose for investigation. Brown herself has already said how much she’d like the chance to play the heroine again, with director Harry Bradbeer revealing that talks are now underway with the streaming service for a sequel. But that’s not all.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Hopper would return in Stranger Things season 4, a Witcher prequel series is in development and an Extraction sequel is in the works, all of which were correct –  a spinoff is also being discussed that would focus on the Great Detective himself, as played by Henry Cavill. We’ve been told that Netflix is looking into the idea of doing a Sherlock Holmes film with the actor returning to the role, and though it’s not official just yet, it is indeed something that’s on the table.

Of course, Sherlock was only a supporting player in Enola Holmes, mostly serving as an encouraging older brother to the titular heroine, but the Justice League star’s interpretation of the iconic character has made a big impact on the internet, so you can see why Netflix is entertaining the idea of giving him his own vehicle. Still, it’s just at the discussion stage at the moment, with the concept likely sparked by all the talk of Cavill’s Holmes on social media.

As we’ve pointed out before, the lack of Dr. Watson in Enola Holmes sets up the introduction of the good doctor in a future movie. You’d imagine this would happen in a direct sequel, but maybe it would make more sense to explore it in a Sherlock spinoff instead, seeing as depicting the legendary Holmes/Watson friendship would no doubt take a lot of screen time away from Enola herself.

Tell us, though, would you like to see this early concept for a Henry Cavill Sherlock Holmes movie make it to Netflix? Have your say in the comments section below.

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